Module 8: Beyond Flies & Drifts

All Set to Go

The skills required of a well-rounded fishing guide go beyond consistently getting clients into fish.

Client safety is a guides’ number one priority. If you fail to ensure the safety and security of your client, it won’t matter how many fish you landed that day. In this module we will address the most common hazards and scenarios potentially encountered on the water and how to react to each in a way to ensure your clients’ safety.

The ability to effectively teach the skills necessary for success on a day of guided fishing is only half the equation. The second half comes when the guide isn’t standing next to them and they’re fishing on their own; how much of what was taught are they able to employ on their own? In other words, how well were the tips and techniques communicated. We will discuss different teaching techniques, empowering guides to be more effective instructors.

Numerous individuals and sources have provided material for this module, and their contributions are acknowledged in the text and in the Resources section. This module just breaks the surface of the subject and students are encouraged to read the primary sources as part of their continuing education.

Outfitters and guides who are registered as students of the Guiding for the Future program are required to complete each module of the course. The course is available online 24/7, features short 'chapters' and includes a final test.

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