Working together in stewardship.

Course Testimonials

What our G4F course attendees have to say....

“There is so much out there concerning water and stakeholders that needs to be understood by guides.”

“It really exceeded my expectation. The most productive part of the program were the outside, hands-on groups.”

“The course gave me in-depth knowledge on conservation issues influencing our rivers, as well as on practical applications to improve my guiding.”

“I loved the ability to be surrounded by so many other guides and outfitters and to be able to ask and get answers to questions I had. It was a great learning experience!”

“The entomology field element was an eye-opening experience and I also felt I benefited greatly from the CPR segment. I would love to have all of my guides take the course in the future.”

“Overall this program was excellent. I learned a ton and have a lot of new information to share with my clients. Thank you so much for putting this on!”

“Every guide/outfitter inMT should take this course!”

“The hydrology segment opened my eyes to the bigger picture of our rivers and the challenges they face. In general this course provided valuable info useful to anyone making a living on our waterways.”